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One of the most common scrap metals that the Crow Metals team receives is copper. It’s the oldest metal, and was first mined and employed by humans 10,000 years ago. Its versatility and abundance in nature means to this day we widely use it in all sorts of different manufacturing sectors. So it’s no wonder that a lot of Chadwell Heath residents visiting our Romford and Dagenham scrap yards bring with them plenty of copper scrap for sale, alongside other common items such as catalytic converters…

Another great fact about copper is that its recycling rate is far higher than most other engineering metals, so most of that which is mined stays in circulation and is constantly being reused. But why should Chadwell Heath individuals and companies keep on the ball when it comes to copper recycling? On this page, our scrap metal merchants have provided just a few reasons it’s an important and positive thing to do!

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Reasons to Recycle Your Copper at Our Scrap Yards Near Chadwell Heath

Take the Strain Off Landfills – There’s limited space in landfills around Chadwell Heath, and bulky copper items that aren’t offloaded as scrap for sale are likely to end up in them. This means the need for creating more landfill and this takes away from public land that could be put to better use. By visiting scrap yards rather than rubbish dumps, you help reduce the strain on landfill and better support your local environment / ecosystems.

Less Energy Used – Did you know that copper recycling uses just 10% to 15% of the energy involved in mining and extracting new copper? With fossil fuels, like landfill, being a limited resource – it makes perfect sense to visit scrap metal merchants like ours near Chadwell Heath, and further reduce your carbon footprint!

Natural Stock – While, compared with many other metals, copper ore is still very much in abundance and only around 15% has been mined thus far, it’s still important to ensure that the global supply isn’t needlessly dipped into. As quality copper products can be manufactured via recycled metal, why deplete a natural resource?

Cost – The cost of mining, extracting and refining copper is far more in cash terms than it costs to recycle copper purchased from scrap metal merchants and scrap yards like our own. And seeing as the value of recycled copper is up to 90% of fresh copper, its value is well maintained.

Support Your Local Economy – The recycling industry, of which scrap yards are just a small part, creates a lot of local jobs within Chadwell Heath and surrounding areas. By both bringing scrap for sale to our merchants, and choosing to purchase recycled products, you help invest in your immediate community and create a thriving hub of activity.

Keep the Environment Clean – Refining new copper results in waste gases being emitted into the atmosphere; while deemed “safe”, it certainly does cause environmental damage. Recycling results in comparatively less emissions, making it the ideal choice for the conscious consumer.

The Return – Perhaps the most obvious reason… but you won’t be paid for sending copper to landfill; however, visiting our scrap metal merchants / scrap yards near Chadwell Heath will certainly earn you a tidy sum. It’s a no brainer! We also purchase catalytic converters and scrap vehicles.

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