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Crow Metals proudly serves as the Hainault area’s trusted scrap metal merchants, operating two scrap yards within easy reach – in Dagenham and Romford respectively. Buying both ferrous and non-ferrous metals in any quantity, and paying fair sums determined through top of the line weighing and grading technology, we’ll ensure you get every penny owned for your scrap for sale.

Across our website you can find all sorts of information regarding our services, but below we’ve looked to narrow in on one particular subject – Palladium, and why scrap metal merchants are so keen to purchase it. If you’ve stumbled across this page searching for scrap metal merchants operating in the Hainault area, or perhaps because you have catalytic converters as scrap for sale, then cut right to the chase by calling the friendly staff at our scrap yards. You can reach our Romford based team on 01708 749 031.

Palladium – A Sought After Scrap Metal

First of all, what is Palladium? A precious metal most typically mined in South Africa and Russia, it’s a member of the platinum family of metals, alongside rhodium, osmium, iridium, ruthenium and of course, platinum. It’s white in colour and around 85% of that which we mine is used in vehicle exhaust systems, specifically catalytic converters. This is why so many scrap yards and scrap metal merchants in and around Hainault are keen to buy cats and scrap vehicles!

Its role in the exhaust system is to turn harmful pollutants into less harmful emissions, but Palladium is no one trick pony – it’s also used in dentistry, and the electronics and jewellery sectors. If you’ve ever read about catalytic converters being stolen from vehicles, Palladium is partially the reason why. This is also a big part of why new rules were brought in to prevent cash being a means of paying for scrap for sale, and introduce the need to record details of clients, in the Scrap Dealers Act legislation.

With the introduction of electric cars on our roads (which don’t use catalytic converters), the use of Palladium and therefore demand for it will undoubtedly fall. But for now, despite various nations’ promising to slow down production and sale of petrol and diesel vehicles, Palladium is still very sought after. In fact, in 2019 the price of Palladium surged due to supply concerns. So if you’re in Hainault and have scrap for sale in the form of catalytic converters, or another form of Palladium, get to our scrap metal merchants / scrap yards while you can and benefit from the current (as of writing this post in 2020) high prices you’ll receive for them!

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