How to Make Money Through Our Scrap Yards in Hornchurch | Crow Metals

Looking to make some extra money while doing your part for the environment? Crow Metals has you covered. We’re the go-to scrap metal merchants for clients in Hornchurch, and operate scrap yards in nearby Romford. However, our team will happily come and collect the scrap metal you’re looking to sell. In this article, for the benefit of clients around Hornchurch who may not have ever made use of a scrap metal merchant’s services before – we’ve run through five of the quick and easy ways to can earn a few quid from scrap metal.


Ditch Old Household Items
Many homeowners in and around Hornchurch don’t realise that the old household items that are lying around, often in their garage or loft, can be quickly converted into sterling. For example, broken fairy lights contain copper (a valuable scrap metal), and scrap yards will also take many toasters (which have both copper and sometimes steel inside and as external casing). Nearly all industrial metals can be recycled; keep that in mind when you’re sorting through old, failed household items or something conks out on you suddenly. If in doubt about what’s worth what, call our scrap metal merchants on 01708 922881.

Major Appliances Are a Gold Mine
Things like fridges, freezers and washing machines have lots of potential when it comes to scrap metal, and can earn you a good sum that can go toward replacing a broken appliance, or toward something entirely different (a holiday away from Hornchurch, perhaps)! Another great advantage of calling up scrap yards like Crow Metals in Romford, is we’ll collect the appliance for you. The sheer hassle that goes into disposing of such unwieldy items is enough of a downside, not to mention the fact you’d virtually be throwing money in the bin!

Keep Your Eyes on the Road(side)
Some of our Hornchurch clients don’t just scrap their own appliances and items, they bring roadside items discarded by people who don’t realise the amount that scrap metal merchants are willing to pay for them. So if you’re driving around and spot an old appliance or kitchen range, contact Crow Metal scrap yards. Please note the difference between items discarded in public spots, and those still on private land. It would be theft to scrap items on private land!

Scrap Old Automotive Parts
One of the most lucrative forms of scrap metal is the old automotive part. Things like exhausts and catalytic converters can be recycled, and can fetch a decent price with our scrap metal merchants. This can really take some of the sting out of a component suddenly dying… after all, brand new components don’t come cheap. So the next time you’re driving around Hornchurch something fails, don’t despair! You can scrap it and subsidise the replacement by giving our scrap yards a call.

Have some scrap and want to make some money? Call Crow Metals, based in Romford and offering collection services to Hornchurch and its surrounds, on 01708 922881.

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