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Not all of our Hutton clients are experienced in offloading their scrap for sale; in fact, some have never visited scrap yards up until visiting ours in Dagenham or Romford. If this sounds like you, you needn’t worry – our scrap metal merchants are a friendly bunch willing to answer any questions and provide expert advice at every turn. We’ll ensure that your first experience is a positive one, and you’re keen to revisit when you next come into possession of scrap for sale.

On this page, to further benefit Hutton residents new to the world of scrap metal, we’ve provided a brief overview/primer on how scrap yards function in the modern age. We hope it will give you a good idea of what to expect when visiting our scrap metal merchants, and enlighten you somewhat.

Scrap Yards – A Brief Guide

Simply put, scrap yards pay out money for ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metals in most forms they’re found in. Many also purchase scrap vehicles and catalytic converters, including Crow Metals near Hutton.

Who are the main sorts of customers that scrap metal merchants welcome? Well, they range from individuals who’ve got a bit of scrap for sale following a property development project or home clear out, to companies and tradesmen operating around Hutton who accumulate scrap in large quantities, all year round.

What goes on at scrap yards? The main thing relevant for the client is the weighing and grading process. We don’t just guess how much you’re owed! The process is precise and scientific. It sees us determine the quality of scrap for sale, as well as the amount to a decimal point. We then consult constantly updating databases which tell us the current prices for particular metals. This allows us to pay you every penny you’re owed, maximising your take away.

So what kinds of metals do scrap yards like our own, situated close by Hutton, most commonly accept? If you have scrap metal for sale of any of the below types, we’d love to hear from you:

There are a few things worth keeping in mind when visiting scrap metal merchants and scrap yards. Firstly, cash payment is now forbidden under the Scrap Metal Dealers Act. You’ll need to be willing to receive payment via electronic transfer or cheque. Secondly, we will need to see valid forms of identification. Both these measures look to crack down on illegal activity, which has in the past plagued the industry due to stolen wire, catalytic converters and similar items being offloaded at unwitting scrap metal merchants.

This is also the reason why it’s important to choose reputable and licenced scrap metal merchants; beware cowboys, and instead use a licenced and well-known industry veteran like Crow Metals, with scrap yards just a short drive from Hutton in Romford and Dagenham.

Have a question for our scrap metal merchants? Call the Crow Metals office on 01708 922881. We’re well known throughout Hutton for the generous prices we pay for scrap for sale.

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