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Many clients from in and around the Upminster area use us as their preferred scrap metal merchants. But we’re aware that in a world where recycling is more important than ever before (with the climate in as sorry state as it is), there are many people who are only just figuring out what scrap yards can offer them. Crow Metals operates scrap yards in Romford, just a short distance from Upminster, and can collect scrap metal you want to convert into a decent sum of money; we pay fantastic rates, which you simply won’t find with other scrap metal merchants nearby.

For the benefit of the aforementioned newcomers, we’ve noted down some of the “scrap metal dos and don’ts” that are worth reading through before giving us a call. If you’re in anyway unsure of what you’ve got and whether it’s worth anything, don’t hesitate to call us on 01708 749 031. A friendly member of our team will happily direct any query you have, and ensure that your experience with our scrap metal merchants is a positive one from first point of contact, until payment is safely in your account.


Do separate it up…
Whether you’re visiting our scrap yards in person, or having us come to your Upminster property to collect it, it’s a great idea to sort your scrap so it’s easy to identify and make sure you’re getting paid the right amount of money. If it’s unsorted, we can do this for you – but it’ll mean hanging around for a while. With how busy modern life can be, this isn’t ideal.

Don’t mix up your metals….
Some Upminster clients have brought in scrap metal that they’ve misidentified. It may end up being something that scrap yards have no interest in, or an inferior scrap metal which won’t pay quite as much as you expected. If for any reason unsure what type of scrap metal you have on your hands, call our scrap metal merchants for advice.

Do pick your scrap metal merchants carefully…
Crow Metals has a long history of being the pick of the bunch when it comes to scrap yards near Upminster. Not all scrap metal merchants pay as well as we do, so be careful when browsing around online. Some scrap metal buyers are very disreputable, and don’t care about their image. So they’ll rip you off without blinking an eye! Avoid them at all costs.

Don’t expect cash…
Under recently introduced government regulations, it is illegal for scrap metal merchants to buy scrap metal for cash. We will need to pay you via other means, for example a bank transfer. If you’re expecting cash on the spot, we’re sorry to inform you this simply isn’t allowed!

To sell scrap metal with the Upminster area’s favoured scrap metal merchants, call Crow Metals today on 01708 922881.

01708 922881