The Weighbridges at Our Scrap Yards in Romford | Crow Metals

One way scrap yards ensure their calculations are correct is through the use of a weighbridge. These sophisticated bits of technology are significant investments that require careful upkeep, but allow for fast and accurate weighing of vehicles and other large scrap items. They’re preferable to simply guessing the weight, and ensure that both buyer and seller are happy with the sale.

Crow Metals in Romford has three on site: one large, 50 tonne weighbridge, and two smaller 4 tonne scales; which we’ll use depends on the size and estimated weight of the vehicle or scrap metal you bring in. When used alongside our up-to-date scrap metal price database, they ensure we can pay clients every penny they deserve, and not a penny less.

How Does a Weighbridge Work?

A weighbridge consists of a large steel platform/deck. This rests on a number of load cells, which create a digital value referred to as “points”. These feedback to a digital display, and the weigh cells are calibrated to ensure a flat “zero” reading when the platform/deck is empty. When loaded, the cells then communicate the difference, converting the new number of points to the corresponding weight in kilograms. Regular servicing and calibration ensures a functioning, accurate weighbridge that can quickly fulfil the needs of our customers.

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