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With so much technological progress made over recent years, automobiles are changing; from electric motors to self-driving vehicles appearing on the horizon, there’s a lot to consider. We’re often asked, as the Basildon area’s first choice buyer of catalytic converters, whether this once essential component will be phased out in the years to come… and answering that question is what this article is about.

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Are Catalytic Converters on the Way Out?

In a nutshell, not any time soon! But let’s consider the different advances occurring individually…

Pure Electric Vehicles – As these vehicles do not use any petrol or diesel whatsoever, they do not require catalytic converters. With their steady increase in popularity, it will mean a drop in volume that will likely impact scrap metal merchants like our own. However, pure electric vehicles are still very expensive and infrastructure isn’t quite there yet in all areas; regularly spaced and easily accessibly charging stations are a must, in all areas, before they truly take off. As these situations improve, the number of Basildon motorists making the switch will surely climb, but we think it’s a way off still.

Hybrid Vehicles – More common at the moment are hybrid vehicles, which use battery power until charge runs down; then the petrol engine kicks in to keep you moving. This means they do in fact require catalytic converters, so if you’re a hybrid driver in the Basildon area and at some point in the future want to scrap your vehicle to fund the purchase of a new (perhaps pure electric) model – all you have to do is call Crow Metals!

Diesel Vehicles – While opinions have changed over recent years, fluctuating from “diesel is better for the environment”, to “no, actually it’s worse” and back again, they’re still commonly picked up and come with catalytic converters as standard. The same goes for straight petrol vehicles. Due to their abundance, these type of vehicles are the ones we most commonly salvage catalytic converters from.

Self-Driving Cars – Here, we can only speculate. Many self-driving vehicles in production are kept closely under wraps. Of the ones we are aware of: Tesla’s entry will not feature catalytic converters due to being truly electric, while those Volvo are working on do feature catalytic converters as they’re hybrids. Basildon motorists interested in self-drive’s progression should keep their ear to the ground, as there will be a lot of competition and options available once the self-dubbed revolution begins!

As you can see, there are changes occurring – but for the meanwhile, catalytic converters aren’t going anywhere…

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