Crow Metals – Buying All Catalytic Converters in Chingford

While Crow Metals offers a full range of scrap services to clients in and around the Chingford area, one of the most important parts of our business is the purchase of catalytic converters for recycling. We’re a reputable port of call for both domestic and commercial customers looking to offload any quantity of catalytic converters, priding ourselves on our meticulous approach to appraisal, which involves the use of top of the line grading and weighing equipment; in short – we ensure you get the best possible rate for your catalytic converters, and all legislative requirements are met.

Below, for those in and around Chingford who aren’t familiar with why scrap metal merchants like Crow Metals look to purchase catalytic converters, we’ve run through some of the different precious metals that can be found within them. Each, when delicately extracted and processed in the proper way, can go on to new life via recycling. If you want to ensure that scrapping a car both nets you the proper sum, and that you’re doing the right thing in the dire ecological times we live in, don’t hesitate to contact us on 01708 749 031.

The Precious Metals found in Catalytic Converters

Palladium – This precious metal can be both found naturally by itself, or alloyed gold and platinum. Commercial producers mine nickel-copper ore which contains small quantities. Palladium is not only used in catalytic converters; Chingford residents may also be, wittingly or unwittingly, wearing palladium in jewellery or dental fillings.

Rhodium – The rarest of the rare (at least amongst non-radioactive metals), rhodium can be found in limited deposits worldwide; specifically, river sands in North America and South America, and certain copper-nickel sulphide ores native to Canada. It’s used in catalytic converters, electrical contracts, jewellery and to alloy platinum or palladium (which go on to become electrodes, crucibles and furnace coils). Highly toxic, rhodium should only be handled by professionals.

Platinum – To most of our Chingford clients, this will be the most familiar. It’s commonly used for jewellery, decorative work and dental implants. It’s also present in most catalytic converters! Platinum is found in sulphide layers found in mafic igneous bodies throughout Canada, Australia, Russia, South Africa, the U.SA and Zimbabwe.

Cerium – Chingford’s smokers are most likely making use of cerium, as it’s found in cigarette lighters (well, in alloy form). It’s also employed for the manufacture of gas mantles, glass polishing fluids and as a catalyst in both self-cleaning ovens and, of course, catalytic converters.

If you live in or around the Chingford area and are looking to sell catalytic converters for a top price, contact Crow Metals at your earliest convenience on 01708 922881.

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