The Scrap Metal Merchants in Dagenham with an Ethical Outlook

Crow Metals is a family-run company of scrap metal merchants that has specialised in the recycling of scrap metal for over 70 years. Some would say we’ve been at the forefront of environmental care in Dagenham and the surrounding areas since we first started! We’ve always had an ethical outlook on the environment and, thanks to the modern equipment we have at our two-acre facility in Romford, our current recycling rates look set to rise further.

Since our inception, we’ve grown to become one of the leading scrap yards to cover East London and Essex. Much of our success comes down to the great prices we offer as reputable scrap metal merchants in Dagenham. Not only do we pay the highest rates for scrap metal but we actively seek out end users across the world to take on your materials, who then put it back into the production system for the manufacture of new products.

By keeping as much waste out of landfill sites in the Dagenham area as possible, our work can only benefit the environment. Scrap metal merchants like ourselves return collected materials to purpose-built scrap yards for recycling. Some metals, such as aluminium, require less energy to process and fewer natural resources to manufacture new products.

Reducing Carbon Emissions in the Dagenham Area

According to EU figures, carbon emissions reduce by approximately 200 million tonnes a year when scrap metals are recycled. Any reduction of carbon contaminants in the air helps the ongoing cause to stem global warming. Scrap metal merchants work tirelessly to stop carbon damaging the earth’s atmosphere. Processing scrap metal ethically reduces our carbon footprint – a point that our Dagenham customers should always remember.

Scrapping cars was once a highly unethical practice. Some scrap yards would simply crush them, complete with fluids and fuels, after taking the most valuable parts of the car out. Nowadays, scrap metal merchants in Dagenham and across the UK have to fully drain oil, fuel and fluids to remove anything that could be harmful to the environment. We have reclamation equipment available onsite to process these hazardous materials.

Crow Metals, the trusted scrap metal merchants in the Dagenham area, offers a door trade, collection and merchant’s service with three different payment types – BACS, cheque or pre-paid debit cards from Bread. We hope that some of the environmental benefits explained here will be of use to you when looking for a scrap yard with a truly ethical approach.

When we collect scrap from Dagenham sites, customers benefit in two ways:

  • You getting paid for unwanted scrap metal at the fairest rates in Dagenham
  • You help to improve the environment you live in for a healthier lifestyle

If you live or work in the Dagenham area and need scrap metal collected, call 01708 922881. We’re the environmentally-friendly scrap metal merchants with a great outlook.

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