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Scrap Metal Merchants in East London | Metal Recycling

Local scrap metal merchants play a vital role in preserving the environment. Although East London is highly populated, Crow Metals works tirelessly to preserve local space through a dedicated workforce and the use of 70 years’ experience in the scrap metal and waste management sectors. We have a network of end users across the world which uses our reclaimed and recycled materials to create their own secondary-manufactured products.

While we happily provide services for major corporations and local authorities in East London with their own waste management policies, many of the customers who come to us with their unwanted scrap metal know little about recycling in general and the processing systems we use at our scrap yard, which is handily located in the Romford area.

If you wish to clear your home or site of scrap metal, here are a few things to consider:

  • You could use collection programs in East London for aluminium and tin cans
  • Recycling centres accept, recycle or dispose of most metals for free
  • Scrap metal merchants handle materials AND PAY FOR THEM based on market rates

Understanding Scrap Metal Types

Scrap metal merchants typically separate materials into ferrous and non-ferrous groups. You can tell if a piece of scrap metal is ferrous or not by using a magnet. If the magnet sticks, the material is ferrous. If the magnet doesn’t stick, your scrap metal is non-ferrous. Our scrap yard in East London pays more for non-ferrous materials such as aluminium, brass and copper, but still offers top prices on ferrous scrap metal – especially in large quantities.

Here, we explain our scrap metal merchants recycle different materials:

Tin – Manufacturers do not make tin cans completely from tin. Indeed, a 5% tin to 95% steel ratio is typical. The tin element is a thin outer layer used to prevent corrosion. Recycling centres in East London and across the country use electrolysis to strip the outer layer of tin, which collects on a plate, undergoes a melting process and forms in an ingot or a cast.

Steel – From cabinets to cars, manufacturers use steel in huge quantities. Trade door customers who use us as their preferred scrap metal merchants make more money when their consignments come to use undamaged. This helps in the recycling process, and this type of scrap metal often returns to the vehicle construction sector to make new cars.

Aluminium – Your East London home or site possibly has aluminium in the guttering, the window frames and the doors. It is easy to identify by its flexibility and silver-white colour. Scrap metal merchants shred aluminium and send it for smelting, a process that removes hazardous contaminants. Recycling aluminium is 80% more efficient than new manufacture.

Copper – Easily identifiable by its red/brown colour or green patina, copper is a valuable scrap metal that we grade for quality at our two-acre East London facility. After melting and refining copper, scrap metal merchants or end users deoxidise it and turn it into ingots or billets. Copper retains its excellent thermal and electrical conductivity after recycling.

Call 01708 922881 to find out more about our scrap metal recycling services in East London. We welcome door trade and enquiries from merchants.

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