Scrap Metal in Essex | Scrap Metal Types

Like all reputable scrap metal merchants in the Essex area, Crow Metals accepts all types of ferrous and non-ferrous material. Scrap metal covers any material previously consumed or manufactured, and which contains recyclable elements. Car parts, plumbing waste and building materials, plus many others, all have a monetary value for our customers. Our industry is worth more than £5.6 billion per year in the United Kingdom alone.

We accept scrap metal from members of the public, commercial clients and even other scrap metal merchants in or around Essex. The correct processing systems matter in the smelting of scrap, which becomes a secondary raw material that reduces the need for freshly-mined material – an important factor that significantly benefits the planet.

The recyclability of scrap metal gives our customers an opportunity to cash in on their unwanted material time and time again. Our scrap metal merchants accept wiring and equipment from electricians in East London, copper piping and brass for plumbers in Essex and scrap metal from other merchants on a local, regional and nationwide basis.

We also offer door trade and collection services for members of the general public.

Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Scrap Metal

The first thing we do in our role as scrap metal merchants is to determine whether the material is of a ferrous or non-ferrous type. Customers in Essex can determine metal types for themselves using a magnet. If a magnet clings to the surface of an item of scrap metal, it is a ferrous material. If it doesn’t, your scrap metal is of a non-ferrous type. We advise our customers that non-ferrous metals have a higher value than most ferrous alternatives.

Those with no iron content and which are resistant to corrosion pay the most, so expect to receive higher payments for aluminium, brass, copper, lead, zinc, tin and nickel. While our scrap metal merchants in Essex pay less for ferrous materials, customers can still cash in on the value of such materials if they bring it to our scrap yard in Romford in high quantities. Expect to find steel and iron in scrap cars, metal cabinets, metal shelving and metal chairs.

The following scrap metal types have the most value:

Brass – Most often found in plumbing materials but also derived from renovation waste such as door handles, keys and light fittings. A non-ferrous scrap metal, brass usually has a yellow/red colour and is a dense zinc and copper alloy with a high residual value.

Aluminium – Scrap metal merchants accept aluminium in many forms, even empty food and drink cans. Also derived from properties in Essex through guttering, window frames and doors, aluminium uses 80% less energy to recycle than to originally process it from scratch.

Copper – Usually red in colour but sometimes dark brown or green if it has a patina, copper scrap comes from many different sources including plumbing pipework, guttering, electrical wiring and even from the inside of large appliances such as air conditioning units.

Getting Paid for Scrap Metal

Amendments to the Scrap Metal Dealers Act in 2012 stop scrap metal merchants in Essex, England and Wales from paying cash for scrap. Bring your material to Crow Metals and we pay by direct transfer to your bank, by cheque or by pre-paid debit card. We do offer an onsite cheque-cashing facility for a small charge if you want payment for your scrap metal sooner. Please see the payment page of our website to see our current rates for this service.

Recycling scrap metal preserves energy and helps to protect the environment. This minimises the use of natural resources and also cuts back on CO2 emissions. Our work in the Essex area is ethical and we enjoy an excellent reputation for our care and diligence in making sure as much material as possible goes back into the secondary production system.

Call 01708 922881 to find out more about our scrap metal services in Essex. We welcome door trade and enquiries from the trade.

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