We Pay the Best Local Rates for Catalytic Converters in Havering

Crow Metals proudly serves as the Havering area’s local specialist for the recycling of catalytic converters. We pay top prices you’ll struggle to find elsewhere, as we use the latest grading and weighing equipment, alongside a vast and up-to-date directory of scrap values to maximise your return. On top of this, we provide a collection service and offer prompt payment via cheque or bank transfer.

So if you’re in or around the Havering area and have a catalytic converter you wish to sell, call our seasoned scrap metal merchants on 01708 749 031. Have a question regarding the process? Keep reading! Below, we’ve provided a handy FAQ that we hope will get you up to speed. But if you have a question not featured here, don’t hesitate to contact us with your query.

Catalytic Converter FAQ – Havering Clients Questions’ Answered

What actually is a catalytic converter?
It’s a part of your vehicle which looks to convert pollutants and potentially dangerous gases that pass through the exhaust into less harmful ones. It achieves this via oxidation-reduction chemical reactions. Since 1975, they’ve been mandatory for all manufactured vehicles, so nearly all Havering motorists will be driving something with one fitted.

Why are catalytic converters sought after by scrap metal merchants?
This is because each contains a metal cylinder, in which is fixed a ceramic, honeycomb like filter. Tiny quantities of valuable metals such as rhodium, palladium or platinum can be found within this filter. So by carefully extracting and separating these different metals, we can find different sources of recycling which can maximise the value of old catalytic converters.

Are all catalytic converters the same?
No. This is why the grading and weighting equipment we use at our scrap yard, a short drive from Havering in Romford, is so indispensable. We need to analyse your cat to figure out what metals are present, and how much we can extract. This ensures that we can pay out the maximum value for catalytic converters, and not short you due to haphazard and inaccurate estimates.

Why are there restrictions governing the sale of catalytic converters?
The short answer is that in the past, many catalytic converters were being stolen from vehicles and quickly flipped to disreputable scrap yards. By introducing regulation that banned cash payment for catalytic converters, and meant all sellers would require I.D, the government created a more stringent system that makes it very difficult for thieves to operate in this market. It’s helped in reducing the number of such thefts in Havering and the wider UK, while helping reputable and above board scrap metal merchants like our own cement a reputation for trustworthiness.

Have catalytic converters for sale in Havering? Or a question for our scrap metal merchants? Pick up the phone and call the Crow Metals team on 01708 922881.

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