Scrap for Sale in Rainham | Current Industry Legislation

Did you know that scrap metal merchants need a range of different licenses and permits to trade in the Rainham area legally? The scrap metal sector has tight regulations and scrap yards must have a site licence and a collector’s licence. Crow Metals has these licences and full registration with our own local authority. If you have scrap for sale, you can use our company with confidence knowing everything we do is ethical and above board.

Changes to the Scrap Metal Dealers Act 1964 in December 2012 make it illegal for scrap metal merchants in England and Wales to make cash payments for scrap materials. Similar laws now apply throughout Scotland and these came into effect during September 2016.

The reason for these legislative changes, which affect our own customers in Rainham and the surrounding areas, surrounds the problem of scrap metal theft. Scrap yards now have an obligation to help reduce this problem. If you have scrap for sale, Crow Metals still promises a fast and fair payment. What we can no longer do is make cash payments for scrap metal, and we are happy to support our industry in making a stand against illegal activity.

A Transparent Approach to Scrap Metal Payment

Crow Metals has covered Rainham, Essex and East London for over seven decades and we’ve always had a reputation for honesty, integrity and transparency. Like all reputable scrap metal merchants, we insist on seeing photographic identification and proof of address before accepting scrap metal consignments. A valid driving licence or passport is the most suitable form of photographic ID, while utility bills are the best proof of where you live.

Scrap yards keep a record of where materials originated from and, for this reason, we ask that all customers in Rainham provide us with telephone numbers and email addresses.

After validation, Crow Metals pays for scrap metal in three different ways:


Our scrap metal merchants make payments directly to your bank account in a similar way to how you might receive your wages. We require your bank name, your account number and your sort code to make a BACS payment. If you have scrap for sale and would like a same-day payment, we can make arrangements for a small additional charge. Customers from Rainham who prefer to avoid this charge can expect a payment in three working days. Please be aware that we buy scrap metal at current market rates to provide door trade customers and merchants with the best possible value on each and every consignment.


Scrap yards in Rainham and throughout the UK have authorisation to make payments by cheque, which customers pay directly into their own accounts. What sets us apart from other scrap metal merchants in the area is our onsite cheque-cashing facility, which offers an option for faster payments with a £3.99 fee on scrap metal values of £50.00 or less. Scrap consignments over £50.00 in value attract an onsite cheque-cashing fee of just 4%. Please note that if you have non-ferrous scrap for sale, these metals attract a higher price than ferrous metals. Copper and brass scrap, for example, pays more than steel or iron.

Pre-Paid Debit Card

Crow Metals can also pay Rainham customers the best rates for scrap metal with a pre-paid debit card from Bread. You can make purchases on your Bread pre-paid debit card as you would with a normal debit card from your bank, or you can withdraw cash on your card at a cost of £1.50 per transaction. Most scrap metal merchants offer a pre-paid debit card option but very few have the backing of an industry giant such as MasterCard behind them. This is one of the fastest ways to receive payment if you have scrap for sale, and one that could see you with money in our pocket within minutes of us accepting your material.

Call 01708 922881 to discuss payments with our scrap metal merchants. We welcome door trade customers and merchants from in or around the Rainham area.

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