Crow Metals – Buying Your Catalytic Converters in Thurrock

The Crow Metals team is looking to purchase scrap catalytic converters from Thurrock residents. As reputable and long-standing scrap metal merchants, we run a tight ship, paying top prices while adhering to all relevant government regulations. By using Crow Metals over competing scrap yards, you’ll not only receive the maximum value for your cat, but receive a high standard of customer service which includes prompt payments via cheque or bank transfer, and collection of your catalytic converters from your home or place of work.

Below, for those around Thurrock unfamiliar with why people sell their catalytic converters, we’ve jotted down a few key reasons. If you’ve one for sale, or a query for our team, please feel free to cut right to the chase: just call us on 01708 749 031.

Why Sell Catalytic Converters? 3 Key Reasons…

Maximise Returns – There’s a few ways to go about getting rid of an older vehicle. You can sell it second-hand, but this rests on the condition of the vehicle and whether it has any appeal to the market; older vehicles driven by Thurrock residents often prove unmarketable. Or you could scrap it, but oftentimes you’ll get a generic price that doesn’t take into account catalytic converters’ specific value (as they vary).

A better solution is to sell catalytic converters separately, to trusted scrap metal merchants like those at Crow Metals. The rest of the vehicle can still be scrapped, plus you maximise your return as we use the latest technology to weigh and evaluate both crude and precious metals present in catalytic converters. Many motorists around Thurrock are looking to fund the purchase of a new vehicle, so squeezing every penny possible out of components is always useful…

The Environmental Factor – Catalytic converters are complex components that require a fair bit of energy to create; what’s more, if they somehow ended up in landfill they’d simply not decompose. By selling yours to a scrap yard like Crow Metals, you ensure they’re properly processed and recycled, heading onto a new life.

In 2020, the year we’re writing this entry, having a green conscience is integral. Global warming is leading to record highs in temperature, and water levels are rising. Ensuring your vehicle, once its run the course of its life, is recycled via a reputable scrap metal merchant is essential.

They’re a Target – Many of us have vehicles we’ve stopped using that are taking up space in the garage or on the front driveway. They gather dust, but don’t seem to be doing much harm; we’re simply waiting for an opportunity to sell or scrap it, right? But one potential hazard is theft… not of the vehicle, but of components inside the vehicle.

Catalytic converters fetch a good sum, and even though the government has tightened regulations governing scrap metal merchants, you never know if there are disreputable trades out there eschewing them and snapping cats up. Thurrock motorists should consider the benefits of selling their catalytic converters before thieves get their hands on them.

If you’re in Thurrock and have catalytic converters for sale, we want to hear from you. Pick up the phone and call our friendly team of seasoned scrap metal merchants on 01708 922881.

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